Key Biscayne canines and their humans will soon be able to take their morning or afternoon walks and stroll right into a new park created specifically for man’s best friends. EasyGrass LLC., Florida’s largest independent supplier and installer of SYNLawn®, AstroTurf® and other enviroscaping systems, recently received the nod from the island’s Village Council to begin work on the project.

The new Key Biscayne Dog Park will be located in a beautiful tree-lined strip on the north end of Village Green Park.


Plans for the project call for the installation of approximately 13,873 square feet of SYNLawn®’s SYNTipede354 (manufacturer recommended turf for pets) and ZeoFill®, a revolutionary,natural infill system that absorbs the ammonia in urine, neutralizing its unpleasant smell.

“Artificial turf has proven to be an ideal solution for dog parks,” says Jorge Sanz, Vice-President of Sales and partner at EasyGrass LLC. “Especially here in South Florida, where the weather, heavy foot and paw traffic, and continued use take such a toll on natural grass.”

“The installation of this new SYNLawn® system will translate into beautiful green grass 24/7/365, with no brown spots, no holes, no mud or dirt,” explained Manny Modroño, EasyGrass LLC. co-founder and partner. “This product provides excellent drainage, 30-inches per hour, so the park will be operational even after heavy downpours, and pets and owners will stay clean and dry.”

It’s important to point out, Sanz and Modroño say, that synthetic turf also inhibits the proliferation of pests like fleas and ticks, helping prevent the spread of disease.

“The second key component in this project,” adds Raul A. Martinez, EasyGrass LLC. co-founder and partner, “is the ZeoFill® infill, which will be spread on top of artificial grass layer at a rate of 3 lbs. per square foot. ZeoFill® consists of a 100% natural, environmentally safe, odor-absorbing zeolite crystal that stops ammonia from turning into a gas and generating that disagreeable smell we all associate with pet areas.”

The ZeoFill® Infill pulls gases inward and hold them until sodium ion (Na+) in rain water releases the magnetivity and the force of heavy rainfall flushes out the bacteria, forcing it through the turf into the ground making the turf virtually new again. The sodium forces the calcium ions out and recharges the ZeoFill® when dry.

ZeoFill® has another benefit, too, as it helps keep grass cool —a significant advantage during South Florida’s hot summer days.