Easygrass Lands Major Clients


We are just going to keep giving ourselves a pat on our own back. We just landed three of the most exciting projects this year, and your probably thinking, “but its only February, relax”, yes, but what better way to start off the year! First we came home from the SYNlawn 2018 awards with four awards, and now this. We have always had amazing clients and a great steady growth through all of the financial instabilities since the 2008 crash, but this just tops the cake. It’s not only our ten year anniversary, but we now get to say that we get to add Suze Orman, Key Biscayne Soccer Fields and Dog Park, and The NASA Kennedy Space center to our client list! Maybe we will run into Elon Musk while transforming there facility.

Suze Orman is one of the most inspirational women on the planet! If you don’t know her, you need to check her out. She is a top business woman and has not only risen to the top, but brings everyone with her. We are honored to be #1 go-to for her custom artificial grass installation of 6,300 square feet at  her Cat Cay home in the beautiful Bahamas. and an additional 500 square foot putting green!

Two Key Biscayne Soccer Fields and the Dog Park has always been an iconic area to play a good game and bring your furry friends for an exciting day out full of exercise, but our extremely hot weather and everyone running and walking on the grass makes a huge impact. Easygrass is installing the entire area, over 100,000 square feet with artificial grass for an even easier way to spend your day. Talk about convenience.

And last but not least, the most exciting place on earth! The NASA Kennedy Space Center, if you haven’t been here, please stop reading this blog and go treat yourself. We are installing artificial grass on the rockets to go to space! Just kidding, but we are in-fact installing it at the Launch area 14,850 square feet, and the Atlantis West Pavilion 6,300 square feet. As kids we all would take road trips to check out the rockets launch, lets just say, this is a dream come true.

As these three amazing projects begin to unfold, follow us on instagram and facebook for the last on these installments.



Thank you!