Custom Greens

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SQU: SG110
Total Weight: 65 ounces
Waranty: 10 years
This synthetic putting green turf is slightly taller and has more yarn in the face for added performance and consistent ball roll. SYNGreen 110 is an all around artificial backyard golf green for consistent putting, short chips and pitch shots under 50 yards.
SQU: SG200
Total Weight: 77 oz.
Waranty: 10 years
SYNGreen Premium 200 is an upgraded version of SYNGreen 110. The two synthetic putting green products are similar in construction and yarn type with this style a little taller and higher in face weight. SYNGreen premium 200 is for the intermediate golfer seeking consistent ball roll for putting and chip shots.
SQU: SG324
Total Weight: 82 oz
Waranty: 10 years
SYNGreen Platinum 324 offers golfers one more choice in color with the same level of performance expected in the platinum series. This synthetic putting green comes in summer green for a more natural appearance in warmer climates. Recommended for the advanced golfer for consistent putting and chips.