Custom Greens

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SQU: SG112
Total Weight: 58 ounces
Waranty: 15 years
SYNLawn Classic Putt is an all around artificial turf for your backyard golf green offering consistent putting, short chips and accurate pitch shots under 50 yards. Our most popular synthetic putting green turf not just because of its natural appearance, but also due to consistent performance and true ball roll characteristics.
SQU: SG200
Total Weight: 77 oz.
Waranty: 15 years
SYNLawn Classic Pitch is an upgraded version of our SYNLawn Classic Putt. Although the two synthetic putting green products are similar in construction and yarn type, with this style being taller in height and heavier in face weight. A great product for the intermediate golfer seeking consistent ball roll for putting and durability for chip shots.
SQU: SG326
Total Weight: 85 oz
Waranty: 15 years
Offering golfers the same level of performance expected from a professional golf course, this synthetic putting green delivers the most realistic experience available. Made using 100% Nylon fibers in summer green for a natural appearance that will last for years to come in all climates. Recommended for the advanced golfer for consistent putting and chips.