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Since its founding in 2008, EasyGrass, LLC has rapidly established itself as South Florida’s leading supplier and installer of artificial turf products, an innovative and dynamic force in the region’s enviroscaping industry, and an outstanding corporate partner to municipalities and organizations across Miami-Dade County.

easygrass artificial grass installers in miami gets award from city of miami artificial turf

EasyGrass’ contributions to the South Florida community were recognized by the City Of Miami with a special proclamation

Eight years ago, three lifelong friends —product of Miami-Dade’s public school system and each one a prosperous entrepreneur on his own— joined forces in order to pursue the enduring desire of working together. An appealing opportunity presented itself, so Raúl Martínez, Manuel Modroño and Jorge Sanz created EasyGrass, LLC to develop new markets and applications.

The company initially focused on utilizing the highest quality artificial grass to create landscapes that enrich a property’s appearance, increase its utilization, conserve water, and slash maintenance costs, even for high traffic areas. EasyGrass® transforms green spaces —once dull, full of dry patches, weeds and pests, and in need of constant and costly upkeep— into luscious areas that are always “dressed to the nines” without mowing, watering, fertilizing, and re-seeding ever again!

“EasyGrass was established in 2008, the midst of the economic downturn, yet the market responded so positively, then and now, that we haven’t looked back.”

Manny Modroño

“Our company has grown in response to the consumers’ desire to enhance commercial, residential and industrial properties with quality products and unbeatable service.”

Jorge Sanz

“EasyGrass has expanded its offerings to include EasyIvy, EasyMulch and EasyGrass Block, and has backed these great brands with a team that delivers excellence and value.”

Raúl Martínez


Always looking to grow its business and offer its clients new options to embellish and add value to their properties, the company has introduced three additional groundbreaking enviroscaping product lines in recent years.

In 2012, it presented EasyIvy®, an easy-to-install, maintenance-free landscaping cover for vertical/horizontal surfaces that was quickly adopted by cities around the country as their preferred anti-graffiti solution.

Two years later, the company added EasyMulch®, a weather/wear-and-tear/pest-resistant treatment which replaces traditional loose wood shavings that have become a favorite at the City of Miami.

Its latest innovation is EasyGrass Block®, a unique landscaping system that combines the beauty, versatility, and durability of EasyGrass® artificial turf with the rock-solid performance of concrete pavers. The result? A highly attractive and resilient surface that’ll withstand heavy-duty use. It’s ideal for driveways, swells walkways, and other outdoor projects.

Since its inception, EasyGrass’ leadership team featured “giving back to the community” as one of the company’s core values —and has delivered consistently on that commitment by contributing to the improvement of several Miami-Dade parks, including Peacock, Kennedy, Armbrister, Blanch and others, as well as the artificial ivy installation on the wall on South Dixie Highway (US1) at 17th Avenue.

EasyGrass, LLC is proud to be a locally owned and operated business in Miami-Dade County. Its products and installations can be found throughout the state of Florida —and even on several cruise ships around the world!

Manuel “Manolo” Modroño: The Foundation For EasyGrass’ Values, Growth And Success

EasyGrass founders follow Manuel “Manolo” Modroño’s example of hard work, pride, civility, and honesty. Those are the true keys to success!

“The best is he who calls men to the best. And those who heed the call are also blessed.” — Hesiod, 8th Century BC Greek poet

Great men lead by example. And the founders of EasyGrass feel proud, fortunate and blessed to have a truly unique man inspire and guide them on their path to success.

Throughout his decades long run as an insulation contractor for South Florida construction projects, Manuel “Manolo” Modroño taught son Manny and Manny’s best friends, Raul Martinez and Jorge Sanz, life’s basic tenets. His lessons were imparted while working endless hours at the company’s warehouse and at job sites, as well as in the convivial setting of the family’s home.

Manolo led by example in business.

He showed the young men —all up-and-coming entrepreneurs— how to take opportunities “by the horns” and overcome challenges, how to deal with clients, suppliers, contractors, and employees with a scrupulous, disciplined hand, with respect and dignity. He taught them to rise to the occasion, to always give their best, and that hard work, pride, civility, and honesty are the true keys to success.


Manolo led by example in his off-hours as well, always guided by the same values, devoutedly practicing his Catholic faith, relishing time with his loving wife, nurturing his growing children, and for the past 27 years, enjoying his six grandchildren.

The young generation is following in his footsteps, too! His eldest grandson Andy Albalat joined EasyGrass four years ago and is today the company’s lead sales representative in the state of Florida.

Always one to detect appealing prospects, in 2008, in the midst of the economic downturn, Manolo recognized a business opportunity that he believed the three amigos should explore. They did. And as they say, the rest is history.

Such is the man that, even today, nearly a decade into the company’s trajectory, continues to inspire Manny, Jorge, Raul, and the entire EG team in their work and in their lives. His values are instilled in our DNA and are the foundation for EasyGrass’ growth and success.

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