What’s driving the preference and endorsement of synthetic turf surfaces over natural grass in almost all major sports today? Probably  a lot of the same reasons that has caused you to consider it; increased participation and utilization, decreased weather interruptions, a shortage of available venues or play spaces and rising maintenance costs. These all contribute to restricted play, poor ground quality and more importantly, an increased risk of injury.

Today’s artificial turf systems go beyond maintenance benefits or all-weather playability. Easy Grass offers a wide variety of safe and affordable options including those manufactured by the world’s most recognized authority in synthetic sports turf surfaces.

Official Synthetic Turf of Major League Baseball

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Produces a natural-looking synthetic surface that's more durable than 100% polyethylene systems. State-of-the-art tufting of AstroTurf® GameDay Grass™ 3D more accurately mimics the look and feel of natural grass. A double nylon Root Zone® acts as a traction layer, providing fiber support and reducing the compaction associated with other infill products.
A natural-looking turf that is setting new standards for durability and performance in a polyethylene-based synthetic infill system. The enhanced durability and natural grass appearance of AstroTurf® GameDay Grass™ XPe is achieved through an innovative manufacturing process that elongates and orients the XPe fiber.
A polyethylene fiber turf that gets its natural appearance from individual monofilament blades, which eliminate post-fibrillation of the fiber system. AstroTurf® GameDay Grass™ MT is tuft-constructed using 6-end or 8-end monofilament bundles.
A favorite among field hockey players for its playability. AstroTurf® 12 is engineered with a premium knitted nylon system designed to provide uniform traction and consistent footing. It improves playability when it is wet, and absorbs water to maintain wet conditions longer.
A super premium high performance surface that simulates real grass in every imaginable way. It's engineered for consistent performance and durability, as well as improved traction, impact absorption and ball movement. It's an all-nylon, tufted monofilament turf that is ideal for portable and permanent, indoor and outdoor fields.