There is something magical in looking at a very green lawn. Not only does it look good, but it creates a very soothing and inviting atmosphere that extends all the way to your home. However, most homeowners understand that in order to keep their lawns looking fabulous, a lot of constant hard work in gardening and landscaping are necessary. Yet, not everyone is cut out for garden work nor are they comfortable in letting strangers into their yards regularly just to keep their lawns in shape.

In Fort Lauderdale, artificial turf is slowly making its way from golf courses and soccer fields to residential lawns. Many Ft Lauderdale residents see the benefits of using artificial turf instead of planting real grass on their yards.

Although some might not be sold to the idea of polyethylene grass on their lawns instead of the real thing, artificial turfs can provide a genuine, sustainable solution to your home’s landscaping woes.


At first glance, you might think that artificial turf costs a lot more than purchasing and planting real grass. However, if you factor in water, fertilizer, and pesticide costs, then using artificial turf is more economical. Since none of these are needed to keep artificial turf looking green and healthy, you have already reduced your lawn upkeep costs by more than half. By using artificial turf, you can save some money, which you can use for other home beautification projects.


While this might seem contrary, planting real grass on your lawn is more harmful to the environment than using an artificial turf. For obvious reasons, live grass need water to thrive. Unfortunately, using water for live grass tend to cut and deplete the resource especially in dry season. Furthermore, basic maintenance like mowing, trimming, and blowing generally use electric equipment, which then results to additional carbon dioxide emission.

Finally, healthy live grass tend to require fertilizers and pesticides, which in turn pollute the very ground (and the water underneath it) in which it is planted.

Kid- and pet-friendly

If you have kids or pets at home, chances are they will want to play on your lawn. While some argue that artificial turf is heat-absorbent, it is also more durable than real grass. You don’t have to worry about muddy footprints with artificial turf. In addition, artificial grass tend to be friendly to the skin – unlike live grass that sometimes can make your child’s skin itch.

Depending on the quality, an artificial turf can be far more beneficial and beautiful than using live grass for your lawn.