EasyGrass Goes Designer

We have seen Miami transform over the years, and the most exciting part of this change is the Design District in the Miami Beach area. This has brought culture and breathe back into the city and we are honored to be a part of it. They needed a simple solution for a very annoying problem, mulch! Mulch as you know gets everywhere, especially here in South Florida where it rains a lot and gardens will flood, sending the mulch down a river. With Rubber Mulch from EasyGrass now installed at the Miami Design District, nobody has to worry about a couple things:

  1. Replenishing Mulch
  2. Animals can freely walk around, and you don’t have to stress about them eating mulch
  3. It is 100% walkable, which means more public area for the shops!

We covered about 29 tree pits throughout three whole streets, our mulch is the most convenient way of keeping an area clean and always ready for guest to walk through. There is absolutely no maintenance or upkeep!

Curious as so what we used for the installation?

  • EasyMulch: 70% grey, 30% black

easygrass artificial grass

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