EasyGrass Swoons Over Villa Woodbine

We are in love with our latest project. The ultimate wedding destination for thousands of brides now has luscious artificial grass for them to enjoy. Villa Woodbine is an exclusive mansion designed by architect Walter De Garmo, which is actually the same designer as Miami’s Gem, Viscaya Mansion and Gardens. Villa Woodbine’s style was inspired by none other than the Cuban heritage. Polished Cuban tile still remains in the dining room, staircase, and the furniture was also hand-crafted by a Cuban craftsman, which makes you feel as if you are stepping into another era.

Today, it is south Florida’s top destination for wedding or special events. We are honored that they chose EasyGrass to secure over 7,000 square-feet of quality and timely installation. Although we have many clients and all are truly amazing, having Villa Woodbine as one makes us want to celebrate.

All this history makes it that much more exciting to be a part of. Who knows, maybe we will end up in the history books!

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