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Paver Blocks for Artificial Grass Driveways

An Attractive, Tough, And Resilient Surface That Will Stand Up To Heavy-Duty Use. . . And Yes, We Do Mean Heavy!

EasyGrass Block™ combines the beauty, versatility, and durability of EasyGrass® artificial turf with the rock-solid performance of concrete pavers. Order now by calling 1.855.909.9128.

Developed in response to our clients’ needs and requests, the EasyGrass Block™ system is a two-pronged solution to a basic enviroscaping dilemma: How can grass thrive in a heavy-duty traffic area?

We all know that natural grass, of course, cannot survive the constant friction of vehicles’ tires or much less, the weight of automobiles and trucks, whether stationary or in motion. That’s where the EasyGrass team came in, strategically fusing the beauty and durability of artificial turf with the load-bearing capability of concrete.

EasyGrass Block™ combines one of XGrass’s sturdiest synthetic turf products in a pod format, with the rock-solid performance of concrete block. The result is an amazingly stunning surface that stands up to just about everything —from a mid-sized truck (or a full size SUV) to the constant coming-and-going of humans and more:

Features & Benefits
  • No Watering
  • No Trimming
  • No Pruning
  • No Fertilizers, Pesticides nor Herbicides
  • Eco-Friendly and Recyclable
  • It remains green year round
  • 100% PERMEABLE
You can enjoy it within hours, not years!
easyblock concrete turf block

The EasyGrass Block™ concrete block base has been designed and fabricated as a strong, solid, and rugged molded structure capable of withstanding the load, stress, friction, and movement of heavy vehicles.


  • Color/Finish: Light gray (concrete)
  • Material: Portland Cement Type I-II
  • Format: Eight (8) Octagon Polygon
  • Slots: Eight (8)
  • Length (Inches): 24
  • Width (Inches): 12
  • Height (Inches): 2

The artificial turf for the EasyGrass Block™ system is presented as a weighted concrete pod topped with XGrass turf, which is inserted into the concrete block’s slots and secured with a water-resistant industrial adhesive.


  • Artificial Turf: XGrass Luxury 1st Cut
  • Color: Green
  • Pile Height: 1.25″
  • Face Weight: 65 oz
  • Backing: Urethane
Interested in how EasyGrass Block™ can help your driveway or patio area? Get in contact with the team at EasyGrass for an estimate.

Planning & Design

As with our EasyIvy®, EasyMulch® and EasyGrass Block™ product lines, our team of EasyGrass® expert designers and installers will work with you to make your vision a reality!


Having problems with your current artificial grass installation? Our team of EasyGrass® experts has helped numerous clients in repairs, upkeep and updating installations that have not been done by our team.

FREE Consultation

For any questions, you may have about our EasyGrass® systems or to discuss any designs you may have in mind, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 305.306.8156 in South Florida or toll-free 1.855.909.9128, or book an appointment to discuss how EasyGrass® can enhance your property.

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