A story featured in a Broward County newspaper highlighted a revelation by one woman concerning common pesticides and herbicides used on grass in lawns, parks, and sports fields. It reported how a parks worker sprayed a play field with a thick round of herbicides while wearing a protective suit, goggles, and respirator to avoid.

Just as the worker finished spraying, a large group of boys began using the field. When they emerged from play, they were covered head-to-toe with what they thought was water but was actually dangerous chemicals. The boys were scrubbed down by emergency crews to avoid further exposure and contracting any illness. This incident led a woman who had a long history of multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) to launch a successful political campaign regarding the way Florida property owners go about treating their grass chemically.

The resulting action included harsh chemical company fines, increased herbicide and pesticide prices, and steep financial penalties for businesses and residents using chemicals improperly. It also created a state fervor over the awareness of human chemical sensitivity and related diseases.

Alternative To Lawn That Requires Chemical Use

The Ft. Lauderdale area certainly benefits from people who own homes that have great lawns. It also benefits from year round and seasonal residents who want to avoid the dangers associated with heavy lawn chemical use. No one wants to deal with pests and weeds, but heavy chemical use is not the answer.

Synthetic grass just might be the best way to preserve aesthetics, while ensuring the health and safety of everybody. The benefits of this landscaping alternative are endless. These benefits mean having a pristine landscape without the setbacks of being labeled a “danger.” Services that provide synthetic grass to Ft. Lauderdale property owners are ready to radically shift the way people think about lawn care.

Meeting All Expectations

Whether a home is utilized all year, or provides a Florida respite for snowbirds, concerns about chemicals should never enter the picture. Synthetic lawns are made from non-allergenic products, resist pests, and meet all HOA and municipal requirements. Best of all, they help a homeowner avoid the new costs associated with having to perform lawn upkeep the old-fashioned way. Chemicals never have to play a part in a synthetic turf lawn care ever again.

It’s time to stop worrying about impact fees, hassles associated with seasonal chemical lawn treatments, and adverse health conditions experienced by neighbors. Have beautiful artificial grass installed, and never worry about the dangerous world of chemicals. Beyond increasing home value, it leaves more time for golf and fishing anyway!


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