The Sagamore Hotel in Miami Beach Re-designs with EasyGrass.

When you think of Miami Beach, you often think of “art-deco” era, and what really made the beach, which was the 70’s. Although that era created such an iconic city, it also made it extremely hard to part with the style. As Miami Beach in the past couple years has been on the transition stage, we now see new hotels being build or old ones getting gutted or sold.

The Sagamore hotel, build in 1948, and in the heart of South Beach, got its last renovation back in 2001. Which meant it was definitely time for change. That’s when Easygrass steps in. The hotel was looking for a new solution to look further into the future. They decided on installing artificial turf along the pool and lounge area, which in time saves them thousands, if not millions of dollars in water conservation and maintenance.

EasyGrass is well known in the hotel industry as we transform hotels every year for its visitors. Whether that’s installing turf, ivy, or mulch. We have the solution for every situation!

Curious as so what we used for the installation?

  • EasyGrass: 5,000 sq ft of NG78

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