2018 SYNlawn Awards

Do you ever think back when you stared something, anything really, and wonder how you saw yourself along the journey, and if it would succeed? Well this January was that moment for us. We attended the 2018 SYNlawn conference and walked out with not one, or two, or three, but FOUR awards! Its moments like that that you step back and think about how you got here, and what made this moment even more exciting than what it is. For us we started ten years ago, happy ten-year anniversary to us, and we could never imagine the goals we would meet, the clients we would have and the amazing staff that would take this journey with us. We are extremely humbled by all of it and truly have to thank you our clients and SYNlawn for entrusting us with their product and allowing us to put our personal touch on it, like branding and inspirational content throughout the company.

Every year we try to strive and do greater, better, and give our one hundred and fifty percent. Luckily the quality of our artificial grass installations and the quality of our people say it all. Although we have won several awards throughout our ten years, every time we receive one, it seems like the very first time. As we continue to build ourselves, it is exciting to know that we are recognized in the artificial grass industry. We are excited to tackle 2018 and will hopefully have more to share at the 2019 SYNlawn Awards.

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Awards given:

  1. Outstanding Sales Achievement.
  2. SYNLawn Greenmaster Golf
  3. Outstanding Social Media Participation
  4. In the top 5 dealers, out of 70 nation wide!

Thank you!

Your family at Easygrass