EasyGrass Goes Back to School to St. Patrick Catholic


No, we didn’t go back to school,  but we did get to do an artificial grass installation at an iconic and historic school for Miami Beach! St. Patrick Catholic School has been around since 1927! Like any school, keeping maintenance of the grass can be a huge chore that ends up costing millions of dollars to landscapers, water, and fertilizers, and let’s not even discuss when you have to replace the grass over and over because the high traffic kills it alone!

We had the opportunity to install 26,600 sq ft for their playing field. Installing artificial grass in an area like that is so important, here why: 1: your kids will come home with no bugs bites. 2: they will also come home with no grass stains. 3: they will be excited to go to school because of the artificial grass; just kidding – depends on the student.

Curious as to what we used for the installation?

  • Type of turf is still being determined (either the SF254 or the XPE 3D3), 26,600 sq ft, playing field

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