Easygrass Goes Midtown

For a lot of people Midtown is just another part of town that serves ‘trendy’ cocktails and has interesting shops, but what they don’t see is the community growing around it. For almost 8 years now, Midtown, has grown from nothing into this metropolis for tourist and local alike. As being the latest and innovative in architecture and structure, staying on top of cost and design are important. That’s where Easygrass steps in. This was a very exciting project for us, not only because it was in a gorgeous rooftop, but because they insisted on having different types of artificial grass and ivy. By the pool, lounge chairs, cabanas, children’s play areas, bar, and columns. It was a true definition of what Easygrass if all about. Merging all of our different brand to offer one coherent look!

Not only is this beautiful, but as you have read here before, having artificial grass will save you tons of water, literally! We have received countless of testimonials about how making the switch initially saved thousands of dollars on water bills. Talk about water conservation first hand!

Curious as so what we used for the installation?

  • 3 Kids circle – STSP1 – 920sq. ft
  • 6 circles – SYNFescue243 – 1584 sq. ft
  • Large Kids Circle – StSP1 – 920 sq. ft
  • Elevated pool area – SYNFescue243 – 560 sq. ft

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