Hurricane Season with EasyGrass


As hurricane season come to an end, we look back on one of the largest storms that hit Florida in recent history. As Floridians, we are always prepared for hurricanes and very rarely do they scare us. Irma was a different story, and as we checked things off our list, helping the community was one of them. We gave 20,000 pounds of sand bags out, and of course had Cuban pastries for everyone to enjoy. It was nice to see and meet our neighbors. When times got tough, we banded together and help each other out.

Luckily, Irma did not affect the Miami area as expected. Houston, Texas can’t say the same. It is our worse fear to have a hurricane cause so much destruction. Our hearts were, and still are, Texas strong as they continue to recover. As a company, we came together and did what we could, by donating $2,000 to the red cross.

Natural disasters are difficult to deal with, and sometimes can be scary, but having great neighbors that come together is what is important.


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