Dog Turf & Artificial Grass for Pets

Because You Love Your Pets

Keep Your Pets Happy, Clean And Safe With A Stunning, Yet High-Performance Artificial Grass Pet Turf Lawn System. The Hard Wearing And Low Maintenance Of Our Artificial Grass For Pets Will Amaze You.

The American Pet Products Association reports that 65% of U.S. households own a pet —that’s 79.7 million homes! And you’ll be even more astonished to know that the APPA estimates that pet parents will spend a staggering $62.75 BILLION this year in food, supplies and OTC medications; toys; grooming and boarding; pet insurance and veterinary care.

This is proof that we absolutely, positively cherish our pets!

So why not go the extra mile and provide your beloved and faithful furry companions with a yard surface created just for their needs, safety and comfort. Give them the best artificial grass for pets, one that is pet-friendly, earth-friendly, and people-friendly. Give them EasyGrass® pet turf!

Benefits of EasyGrass® Artificial Grass Pet Systems

EasyGrass® Artificial Grass for Pets are the best dog turf and have been specifically designed to:

  • Be gentle on paws, joints, fur/skin
  • Drain water and fluids from the dog turf’s surface rapidly and efficiently
  • Withstand continuous paw traffic, as well as the pressure exerted by the animals’ activities, like lying down, running, jumping, etc.
  • Stand up to human foot traffic and activities, too!
  • Resist the inclemencies of the weather and the sun’s powerful UV rays
  • Impede the formation of pest colonies, weeds, mold, and fungus
  • Safeguard the animals’ wellbeing and safety
  • Make any area (whether it be a small patio, terrace or backyard) look like a million bucks!

With our EasyGrass® artificial grass for pets, the key to a successful project is a meticulous site preparation, in which the terrain is expertly leveled and developed in accordance to specific application specifications. Once achieved, you can choose from our various EasyGrass synthetic grass dog turf or pet turf systems, and it will be expertly installed and secured. Ensuring one happy pet!

All EasyGrass systems carry a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty* on the artificial turf product and an 8-year warranty on labor. This assures you that you maximize the benefits of having a green, pristine lawn.
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A member of the ASGI – Association of Synthetic Grass Installers. The team at EasyGrass have certified installers of artificial grass and synthetic turf products that provide professional project development, site planning and preparation, project design, and installation.
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