STC Certified Turf Installer

EasyGrass is now a Synthetic Turf Council Certified Turf Installer in Landscape.

It is our pleasure to report that EasyGrass is now part of the STC Certified Turf Installer‐Landscape program. The Certified Turf Installer – Landscape Program was developed by the STC to help promote industry-recognized best practices for landscape synthetic turf installation.

The objectives of the Certification Program are:

  • To enhance the quality reputation of synthetic turf systems.
  • To promote companies that provide products and services to those systems.
  • To provide the end user or customer of synthetic turf systems minimum guidelines by which the product and services can be measured.

Peace of mind can be priceless in today’s volatile economy. For buyers, end-users and anyone interested in learning more about synthetic turf, the Synthetic Turf Council’s enhanced Certification Program delivers just that by recognizing qualified companies whose products and services come highly recommended by their customers.

The STC Certification Program is an exclusive benefit for its member companies. STC Certified companies have voluntarily committed to deliver products or services that meet or exceed customer specifications and conduct themselves in a responsible businesslike manner.


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