A house with a beautiful, green, velvety lawn is the object of envy in any neighborhood. However, keeping and maintaining such a yard can be costly and tiring so much so that most homeowners in Fort Lauderdale choose artificial grass instead of live grass for their lawns.

While there are number of advantages and disadvantages in installing synthetic grass on your Ft Lauderdale home, the climate, surroundings, and personal preference, can all play a significant factor in deciding whether you should forego planting real grass.

The infamous Florida climate

While the state of Florida never really experiences true dry seasons, the fact that the climate can be very hot and humid during the summer is enough reason to choose synthetic over live grass. The extremely high water consumption of live grass during this season can prove to be detrimental to the environment in the long run. Some low-water areas will even require homeowners to stop watering their lawn in order to conserve water and use it for more urgent chores like cooking and bathing.

Maximum beauty for minimum amount of work

Maintaining a beautiful yard or lawn is no joke – aside from watering, you need to mow, trim, blow, fertilize, weed, and cut your lawn in order to keep it in beautiful shape. This is, of course, only true with live grass. Synthetic grass does not need that kind of idle upkeep just to stay green.

The tasks mentioned above are not only tiring, they are also expensive as you’ll be spending a considerable amount of money on purchasing the right equipment (i.e. leaf blower, lawn mower) and using electricity or gas to run them.

Aside from that, you’ll also need to budget for repair and maintenance costs of these gardening tools to keep it in tiptop shape. With artificial grass, not only will you save yourself doing tiring work, you’ll also save money on maintenance.

Getting your money’s worth

While some might argue that installing artificial grass is expensive, its longevity and durability significantly outweigh the initial cost. Unlike real grass, which is subjected to many factors just to keep looking fabulous, artificial grass can last as long as 15 years without much effort. After compairing installation costs versus maintenance costs of live grass in the same number of years, you’ll probably end up with a substantial savings on synthetic grass.