Vista Green Joins Easygrass!

Chester Square easygrass artificial grass

We are always striving to make EasyGrass better, whether that’s keeping our showroom updated or crafting the best designs and offering the best quality products, we know what makes you tingle. We would like to ‘formally‘ introduce our latest joint venture, Vista Green! They have mastered the art of artificial living walls, also known as vertical gardens, and fun fact, they are from across the pond; London!

The best part about these artificial living walls, you can customize any of the colors to have more or less of the four options provided. We are the first to be selling this product in the entire South East region of the United States, as well as catering to the Caribbean and South America.

These high quality living walls are extremely luxurious, and are truly optimal for any area, interior or exterior. This is truly a work of art that we are very excited to share with you. We have already installed it in our showroom, it is our most favorite piece thus far. Although this is new to us, VistaGreen has been perfecting this trade and design for over 25 years! Trust us when we say, you are going to love this!

Check out our next post as we talk about our first official project installation with VistaGreen of over 13,000 sqft!

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